Capability and mood for innovation have given REHAU the leading position as a supplier of systems and services for polymer solutions in the Construction, Automotive and Industrial sectors. The REHAU Group is one of the leading suppliers in the market.


The highest professionalism, from the production of materials to the sale, as well as the many benefits offered by polymer materials are the basic prerequisite for the company as a distinguished brand to enjoy worldwide success.


The fringe strips of the express collection give the opportunity to create creative ideas and special requirements. The variety of products as well as the wide range of colors and decor evolves continuously through innovations and adapts to market trends.


The RAUKANTEX mirror gloss glossy mirror strips are also subject to the highest demands. With their excellent high gloss appearance and their smooth surface, they are suitable for the luxurious construction and configuration of professional and residential spaces.


Rehau offers a wide range of kitchen products either for offices or living rooms: Roll Top systems are convinced by demanding design and ease of use. With the RAUVOLET program, REHAU offers harmonized solutions for Roll Top systems.


The high demands of the design of the era in kitchen furniture make REHAU create fittings in a wide variety with different modern decorations. Numerous decorations are chosen by leading European workbench makers and give kitchens the visual finishing needed.


REHAU rebate systems consist of trunks, corner profiles, internal and external corners, ends as well as stack sealing profiles. The products are both functional and decorative in every kitchen.


REHAU offers a unique evolving program for outdoor spaces. The program is based on systems that perfectly combine visual and material quality and blend harmoniously with each other: the innovative outdoor RELAZZO Decking system


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Roll Top

Whether you’re looking for a practical office storage solution or user-friendly kitchen cupboard, tambour doors are among the most versatile of interior design options. They can be used horizontally or vertically, and on some ranges the front panel can be designed to your specifications, making them a perfect fit in even the tightest of spaces.


Our RAUVOLET tambour door system offers a wide range of options for industrial customers and independent joiners alike – whether you’re working on a whole block or a single room.


Tambour door solutions for the hallway


Anyone who lives with a small entry corridor knows the problems: Hardly any storage space, scratched surfaces, trip hazards from open shoe cupboard doors. Tambour doors help to make better use of the limited space in an entrance area: Shoes, bags or jackets vanish behind an aesthetic, colour-customisable surface. In addition to design flexibility, a tambour door system in the apartment corridor offers functional advantages; especially in confined entrance areas, conflicts between front door and cupboard door are avoided, and bruises from banging your legs against shoe cupboard doors become a thing of the past too.



See how a tambour door creates more space in your hallway. The front door can be opened with no problem. Without tambour doors, cramped entrances create an obstacle course.




Tambour door solutions for the kitchen


Alcoves used creatively: In small kitchens, making good use of the limited space can be difficult. Here, one such space becomes a fully functional cupboard by means of a tambour door. Because of the wall cupboards over the worktop, there is no better alternative to using a tambour door. Also: With a pull-out shelf, the usable space can even extend over the sink – ideal for kitchen facilities you don’t use all the time.



A tambour cupboard offers protection from dust and dirt without compromising on practicality. In small alcoves such as these, standard doors create all sorts of problems.



Tambour door solutions for the bathroom


In older building renovations or new apartments in urban spaces, there is often little space for the bathroom area. As a result, the available space must be optimized. After all, especially in the bathroom, you need space to store cosmetic products and cleaning agents and have them quickly at hand. One efficient solution is to use essential components, such as the partition wall to the shower alcove, as storage space. And furniture featuring tambour doors complements efficiency with elegance. The cupboard’s practical flush closing mechanism keeps everything tidy without limiting your design options.



Tambour doors are an ultra-stylish way of avoiding open shelves in alcoves. Folding doors take up space, making them far from ideal for small bathrooms.



Tambour door solutions for the bedroom


In bedrooms, the space under the bed is typically used as storage space. Blankets, pillows, bed linen and other things for which hygiene plays a major role are stored here. A closure system prevents a build-up of dust and dirt. Pull-out or roller containers can be great for small rooms.



Tambour doors allow full use of the storage space across the entire width of the bed. Without them, the containers can’t be pulled out fully, making the storage space difficult to access.



Tambour door solutions for the living room


Creating more storage space needs innovative ideas. And getting it right can really enhance the appearance of your home. Take this elegant solution, for instance. A round coffee table with tambour cupboards provides storage space for magazines, remote controls or even a cocktail cabinet. This individual piece of furniture also has advantages in households with children: A lockable feature is available for storing items that are not suitable for children. And what’s more, its round shape reduces the risk of injury for small children.



Tambour doors create an elegant design solution that combines aesthetics with practicality. Without them, sharp edges increase the risk of injury, especially for small children.







Wall seal profiles

The perfect kitchen is all about the details. Everything fits together perfectly, creating a single, cohesive space. Our wall seal profiles and plinth covers will help you make sure the transitions between floors and walls turn out exactly as you planned them, for a high-quality look that leaves nothing to be desired. Available in a wide choice of decorative patterns and lines, with materials guaranteed to stand up to the demands of your kitchen.


26mm x 33mm x 4.200mm
λευκό/μπεζ/μαύρο/δρυς/ άμμος/μάρμαρο


25mm x 25mm x 5.000mm


27mm x 38mm x 5.000mm


14mm x 14 mm x 50m


31mm x 16mm x 4.200mm


Furniture edgebands


Even after 70 years, edgebands are still at the very heart of our furniture business. They symbolise the values our partners love about REHAU: reliability, flexibility and a passion for innovation. These values explain why countless joiners and interior designers all over the world trust REHAU and RAUKANTEX. Patented REHAU solutions like our RAUKANTEX pro invisible-joint edgebands have set new standards for kitchen and bathroom furniture.


Why choose our in-stock collection?

  • More than 1,800 colours and over 100,000 decorative designs in stock for immediate delivery
  • Any quantity, any length: edgebands available in lengths from 1 m and/or in individual rolls
  • Edgebands to fit current panel and laminate collections from all major manufacturers
  • Discover our edgeband search, sample service and expert hotline: professional tools for furniture specialists