These are flat surfaces of small and fine wood chips of three bodies embedded with synthetic resins. These plates are made up of oriented strands (micro-faces) according to EN300-OSB. Alloy to sound, heat and humidity resistant with easy installation and installation on ceilings, floors or walls.




The EGGER OSB 3 is a multi-purpose panel for a wide range of applications. Designed as type OSB 3 according to EN 300, the panels offer good mechanical strength and stiffness, as well as good durability even under temporarily humid ambient conditions.


This is what makes the OSB 3 from Egger stand out – their advantages in applications


  • The high dimensional stability, the accuracy of fit as well as the high availability of different formats offer many possibilities for use in interior designtrade fair construction and shopfitting.
  • The EGGER OSB 3 has a raw density of at least 600 kg/m³ guaranteed in the declaration of performance. It can therefore be used in many standardised fire protection constructions without the need for further proof.
  • With their closed, flat and firm surface and low thickness swelling under the effect of moisture, our OSB 3 are suitable for the production of concrete shuttering formwork.
  • With the corresponding certificates attesting to the product being pest-free (ISPM 15 standard) and relating to food safety, OSB 3 are suitable as transport packaging in the worldwide movement of goods.


Technical characteristic



Service class (SC)

  EN 300

  SC 2 – dry and humid conditions
  (relative humidity of air = max. 85 %)


  EN 323

  ≥ 600 kg/m³

Water vapour permeability (m)


  150 (humid) 200 (dry)

Reaction to fire*

  EN 13986

  E** (6-8mm)

  D-s2, d0* (≥ 9mm)

Moisture content

  EN 322

  2-12 %

Dimensional change per 1% change
of moisture content

  EN 318

 0,02% (length)

 0,03% (width)

 0,5% (thickness)