Steropal trades all those products that make up integrated kitchen cabinets, wardrobes & desks.


The main axis of Steropal activity is the import and sale of furniture materials, industrial wood and kitchen equipment

Industrial Timber

• STEROPAL as the largest EGGER distributor in the Greek market, offers over 140 different melamine surfaces, colors and textures that guide the developments in the field of industrial timber.
• At the same time STEROPAL represents in Greece the Turkish giant AGT with MDF Panels coated on High Gloss, UV Lacquered and Soft Touch textures.
• EUROCOMPONENTI Italian top-quality acrylic surface production factory in 70 colors, Facestone MDF lined with natural stone and Glaks-Murano acrylic surfaces bright like glass.
• DEKODUR decorative moldings made of aluminum, stainless steel, brass and tin decorated with amber, gold leaf, etc. Composing and converting each investment into a unique artwork.


Furniture Materials

With hundreds of products from the world's most recognized companies, STEROPAL covers every manufacturer's needs for practicality, functionality and design in furnishing materials.


Kitchen Equipment

STEROPAL offers the opportunity to transform your kitchen into a unique artwork by choosing the best products from a wide range of companies.


Steropal Welcome!

Steropal is a pioneering, family-owned, commercial enterprise founded by Mr. Papadopoulos Anastasios in 1985 with the main axes of its activities of importing and trading:

  • Industrial timber
  • Furniture fittings
  • Kitchen equipment

By continuously upgrading the services and products it offers, it covers with integrated solutions the needs of modern construction, guiding the developments. In this way it improves and creates relationships of trust with its customers.

In recent years, investing in the following areas:
  • Training and organizing its human resources
  • Erection and upgrading of infrastructure and new building facilities
  • Renewal and optimization of its mechanical equipment

managed to achieve its goal and be the ideal partner.


Today, utilizing over three decades of experience in the field and always in line with the corporate values set by its founder, Steropal has created a state-of-the-art processing center for the panels it markets while developing a nationwide sales and distribution network.

Its processing center consists of three sections:

  • the cutting
  • the welding
  • the perforation

which with the support of the design department and its advanced mechanical equipment, make up a complete vertical unit with top production capabilities and excellent quality result.

In a stable, healthy, creative and time-proven environment, we strive for close cooperation between our suppliers, customers, executives and all our external partners.

Our goal is to create a powerful team in the furniture industry, which can meet the demands of the modern market.