Electronic order

Electronic order form for simple chopped pieces and kitchen box frames

As part of the overall upgrade and modernization of our company's services, we have created an ELECTRONIC ORDER FORM which we urge you to use to send us your orders for shredded, welded or non-welded pieces of melamine and acrylic.


Why it suits you:


First of all, using the form filled out by you, we eliminate the time of registration of your order in our system, which until recently was done manually and was the most time consuming stage in the ordering process. By automating this step, we go directly to the next one, accelerating the whole process, thus completing and delivering the order to the final recipient, the customer.


A second major advantage is that since the registration is now automatic and no employee re-enters the dimensions, pieces, surface codes and welds, we are sure that what will be processed is exactly what you requested right away. principle.


The photo below shows an already completed virtual order form and explains the steps that were followed to write it, in order to use it as a model.






Example: On 15/10/2020 our customer Georgios Papadopoulos orders for the customer of Karagiannidis (if he wants to appear on the sticker) sized pieces of melamine, sliced and welded. Fill in the date and name and then select from the menu in the column MATERIAL 11-0908-18-0 (corresponding to melamine W908 18mm) and 11-0908-08-0 (corresponding to melamine W908 8mm). In the next step, enter the dimensions (LENGTH-WIDTH) in millimeters next to the quantity corresponding to each dimension and then all the cells for welding margins with 1mm thick PVC (CODE 23-08) as he wants them all welded around the perimeter. Finally in the REMARKS column he enters the name of his client, saves the file and sends it to us by e-mail.


Click on the links below to download the files: