High Gloss

The history of AGT began in Antalya in 1984 with the dream that wood could be processed for individuals and companies using technology development. After 30 years, it has not only made this dream a reality, but has also managed to represent quality and confidence in exports to more than 60 countries.

AGT has become the first brand in Turkey to produce all the wood materials that could be needed in a living space. It serves the furniture and decoration areas with products such as MDF, MDF Melamine, MDF Lacquer UV, HG PVC Surfaces, Soft Touch PVC and profile to cover production in construction.

It is a leading company in the field where its products are sought after in the furniture industry, with excellent color and surface options.

Today, AGT adds color, style and sustainable vitality to the places where millions of people who care for quality and aesthetics live in 5 different continents and more than 1,000 points of sale.

It carries out all its processes according to ISO 9001: and produces all its products in compliance with the E1 standards.

An important goal and priority for AGT in the approach of its production is to care for the health and environment of those who prefer its products.

Today it continues to play a leading role, not only in its own country but also in the global arena.

High Gloss Panel- Great harmony of attractive brightness of AGT Panel High three dimensional colors and design.

High Gloss

300 Inox

374 White Grey Country

379 Matt Dark Linen

380 Matt Brown Leather

382 Mat Bella Gold

378 Matt Light Linen

600 HG Red

388 Toledo Light Wood

601 HG White

603 HG Metallic Elm

391 Matt Stone Beige

604 HG Ebony

606 HG New Black

608 HG Metallic Anthracite

615 HG Bordeaux

612 HG Orange

645 Olive Green

609 HG White Oak

622 HG Damson

685 HG Light Linen

878 HG New Vison

699 HG Metallic White

678 HG Galaxy Cream

6001 HG Pera