For decades the German company SPAX has been known for the production of high quality screws. Its successful course began in 1823 by revolutionizing the construction of timber and since then it has not stopped evolving. Today, when we say SPAX we mean the epitome of the most modern screw. With its product features and branded quality "Made in Germany", it convinces both professionals and Do It Yourself fanatics worldwide. More specifically:

  • Pre-drilling is not required in most materials.
  • The squared 4CUT™ edge displaces the grain and prevents splitting in the wood.
  • Durability of structures over time.
  • Less effort in application, so less physical strain on the user.
  • They save time and therefore money.
  • They guarantee a better end product.
  • SPAX screws have a certification of origin that offers a high degree of safety, quality and continuity.
  • They significantly reduce the screwing torque.

The SPAX program includes:

  • Multi – Material Screws

SPAX Indoor Applications

Your home expresses your lifestyle. An attractive appearance is just as important as a secure connection when creating and constructing your interior design concept. Whether flooring, ceiling or wall cladding, stairs and railing, kitchen or bathroom design or individual pieces of furniture, SPAX offers the perfect screw whatever the living space. 

SPAX Exterior applications

Wind, sun, rain and fluctuating temperatures all have an effect on our outdoor projects. In order to ensure they remain functional and look good for a long time to come, choose the perfect stainless-steel SPAX screw and the right system – whether you want to build decking, construct a boardwalk or footbridge, install façade cladding or add a pergola or fence to your garden