Nesting - CNC Drilling

MORBIDELLI X-200 PRO SPEED is a fully automatic three-axis CNC machine, which, among other things, provides absolute precision and squaring of the parts. The machine is ONLINE connected to the design department from which it receives orders to be executed, making the operator a simple observer of its proper operation. With the automatic panel feeder, the automatic robotic printer, which hovers over the panel to be cut and places the sticker in the predetermined position and the automatic ejector, this CNC has the possibility of simultaneous operation of all 3 fields (loading-cutting / drilling-unloading) ensuring absolute precision in cutting-drilling and high production capacity. The maximum cutting speed is 25 meters per minute. Finally, it provides the possibility of cutting and engraving in all geometries in NESTING condition which allows the utilization of each surface to the maximum degree with the least possible material losses.


WEEKE ΒΗΧ055 OPTIMAL is a CNC vertical loading of parts which is mainly used for drilling surfaces and shocks in all diameters of the market. The machine with the use of Laser scanner, which "reads" the barcodes of the stickers that come out of the 2 cutting machines, gives the operator the possibility to "run" the predefined program with adjusted the dimensions in each piece parametrically, without having to to even look at its screen, giving it security in execution and acceleration in completing the processing.