Presentations of innovative solutions...

Steropal not only closely monitors the developments in the industry and stands out of top -notch furniture materials, but at the same time guides and trains its partners in design trends and new technologies, thereby providing them with a competitive advantage in the market with innovative construction solutions.


Thus, on Monday 16/5 and Tuesday 17/5 many of them had the opportunity to attend special presentations on the company's guards and see new unique tools and products closely. They were impressed by the most sophisticated furniture connection systems through detailed demonstrations by a representative of Lamello, and were able to test the conveniences themselves.


They got to know the benefits of the award -winning PerfectSense Feelwood lacquered boards and admired the naturalness of the six new decors added to the Egger collection combined with their anti-fingerprint property, particularly impressive in dark colors.


Finally, they were inspired by the design capabilities offered by AGT's new decorative profiles, which according to modern trends cover easily, quickly and economically, walls and furniture, in a very impressive way.