Steropal offers a wide variety of EGGER flooring solutions in exceptional quality.

EGGER laminate floors stand out with many properties.

Their design goes hand in hand with the fast pace of our time, and the creators of the collection identify trends and create fashionable decor.

EGGER floors not only have a striking look but have a high quality coating that makes them particularly easy to care and suitable for people with allergies. They are ecological, warm and silent.

Aqua + floors are ideal for kitchen, bathroom and lobby and hallways.

They have resistance to friction, scratches and moisture resistance.

Floors are easy to install and can be removed as easily.


EPL065 Light Langley Walnut

EPL081 Brown North Oak

EPL083 Garrison Oak tabac

EPL093 Polar Oak

EPL098 Honey North Oak

EPL126 Light Santino Stone

EPL127 Dark Santino Stone

EPL145 Olchon Oak brown

EPL006 Grey Wighton Concrete

EPL011 Light Rillington Oak

EPL007 Vallato

EPL015 Valley Oak smoke

EPL035 Bardolino Oak

EPL014 Valley Oak

EPL036 Bardolino Oak grey

EPL037 Oak Trilogy cappuccino