EGGER Benches

EGGER Benches are durable, hygienic and easy to care, taking advantage of all the benefits of laminate.

You will find them at:

  • Rustic
  • Imitation of exotic wood
  • Stone textures
  • And several urban urban designs.

EGGER work surfaces, in addition to the excellent quality, bring life to your kitchen

Straight Edge

H1180 ST37 Natural Halifax Oak

H1181 ST37 Tobacco Halifax Oak

Postforming: Wood Shapes

H3332 ST10 Grey Nebraska Oak

H1401 ST22 Cascina Pine

H3331 ST10 Natural Nebraska Oak

H3702 ST10 Tobacco Pacific Walnut

H1145 ST10 Natural Bardolino Oak

Postforming: Materials Representations

F080 ST82 White Mariana Stone

F093 ST15 Grey Cipollino Marble

F094 ST15 Black Copper Cipollino Marble

F105 ST15 Torano Marble

F104 ST2 Latina Marble

F110 ST9 Blue Giada Marble

F147 ST82 Grey Fine Granite

F148 ST82 Brown Fine Granite

F160 ST9 Marmara Marble

F166 ST9 White Pelago Marble

F221 ST87 Cream Tessina Ceramic

F222 ST87 Terra Tessina Ceramic

F256 ST87 Colourful Slate

F275 ST9 Dark Concrete

F274 ST9 Light Concrete

F292 ST9 Beige Tivoli Travertine

F311 ST87 Ceramic Anthracite

F312 ST87 Ceramic Chalk

F310 ST87 Ceramic Rust

F371 ST82 Grey-Beige Galizia Granite

F385 ST10 Cement

F502 ST2 Finely Brushed Aluminium

F547 ST9 Metal Blocks

F638 ST16 Chromix Silver

F641 ST16 Chromix Anthracite

F649 ST16 White Claystone

F651 ST16 Grey Claystone

F028 ST89 Anthracite Vercelli Granite

F029 ST89 Grey Vercelli Granite

F059 ST89 Grey Karnak Granite

Postforming: Monochrome

U763 ST76 Pearl Grey

U104 ST9 Alabaster White

U960 ST76 Onyx Grey

W908 ST2 Basic White

W1000 ST76 Premium White